Physician Charge Integrity: What The Data Can Tell Us

Webinar presentation

| 12/20/2018

The intersection of care and payment process is an area of ongoing struggle for some healthcare organizations. Capturing real-time information on services, reconciling the data, and ensuring correct payments crosses multiple departments and if not done timely and effectively can have a significant impact on net revenue as well as compliance with current provider regulations. However, when this process works hand-in-hand with daily operations and the data is filtered using powerful analytics it can transform decision-making and allow organizations to increase their support to patients as well as bottom-line revenue. 

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify current trends and challenges facing healthcare providers as they relate to charge integrity
  • Recognize benchmark data and what it is telling us about where organizations are missing out on opportunities
  • Examine leading practices for data capturing and processing through multiple departments
  • Define data-driven decision-making and how dashboards are enabling healthcare staff to monitor and more effectively manage organizations and growth
Collecting, managing, and understanding the data related to physician charge integrity is critical to the success of healthcare organizations. Join us to see how your efforts compare to those of others in the industry, what opportunities you may be missing, and what steps you should be taking today to relieve this pain point.
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