A Performance Improvement Framework to Drive Decision Making

| 8/28/2019

Performance improvement and financial leaders across the healthcare arena are being pushed to deliver more accurate and timely information to enable better decision-making. They are also tasked with ensuring that staff and resources are being allocated to areas that will yield the best return on investment for patients and the organization. However, how do you know which initiatives are the right ones to tackle, what the ROI is, and even what resources will be needed to sustain the improvements long term? During this webinar we’ll explore a healthcare system case study that recently addressed these questions and the framework that helped the system achieve its goals.

As a result of participating in the session, you should be able to:

  1. Identify initiatives within your organization that would be candidates for the process improvement framework and how to quantify the expected results 
  2. Design effective communications for sharing results and improvements with the team and stakeholders 
  3. Outline next steps for you and your team to engage the framework and development of your process improvement monitoring efforts
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