PCI: How Are Organizations Limiting Liability and Reducing IT Risk at the Same Time? (Webinar Recording)

Organizations today have a lot to consider about the acceptance of payment cards and security of systems handling them. With the looming EMV liability “shift," seemingly endless news of data breaches, and annual PCI compliance validation efforts, it is no wonder that so many organizations handling payment card information have implementation and change management projects underway.

As a result of the inherently risky handling of cardholder data, many organizations have been looking to solutions such as point-to-point encryption (P2PE) while moving to acceptance channels for EMV cards. Such solutions may not only limit liability from a financial perspective, but also help manage IT risk and lessen the burden of PCI compliance by reducing scope. This session will cover an overview of such areas while providing insight and suggestions of what is being implemented successfully in the industry.

Takeaways include helping you to:

  • Define industry use of EMV and P2PE technologies and solutions
  • Review the EMV payment card liability shift that became effective Oct 1, 2015 and what it means to your organization
  • Recognize payment card acceptance changes in the industry including the movement to P2PE and tokenization solutions
  • dentify how EMV and P2PE solutions can possibly help minimize your organization's IT risk, while also reducing PCI compliance scope

Craig Sullivan

Angie Hipsher

Jonathan Sharpe

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