Payer and Patient Responsibility Trends: Leveraging Data to Improve Future Financial Performance

| 6/14/2018

Unprecedented demand is being made of the healthcare industry, both the kinds of care provided and the number of patients being serviced. Meeting these demands means adding physical infrastructure, developing new staffing models, and redefining the integration of backend process and systems. A focus area for many institutions is on how to use data regarding patient and payer interactions and the trends shown by those relations to develop financial models, forecast, and improve the overall financial performance of the organization.

This recording can help you:

  • Identify key areas to identify trends related to payer and patient interactions that are deriving the most benefits for organizations.
  • Define your organization's current efforts in linking payer/patient data and what gaps may exist within your organization today.
  • Discuss how machine learning is being used to automate and analysis of new data for real-time decision-making.
  • Plan an effective communication strategy for engaging senior leadership on the importance and benefits of enhancing data analytics in key areas.
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