Optimizing Working Capital in Private Equity Manufacturing and Distribution Organizations (Webinar Recording)

To become more profitable while remaining responsive to customers, manufacturing and distribution (M&D) companies need deep insights to drive operational decisions. But it can be difficult to process the masses of data from their systems to gain such insight. As a result, companies continue to struggle with excess inventory, lower on-time order fulfillment, unfavorable receivables and payables management, and overall substandard decision-making.

This webinar recording, presented by Crowe experts, will help you:

  • Learn limitations of ERP systems relative to working capital analytics
  • Identify key financial and ancillary benefits of improved working capital
  • Describe common sources of working capital erosion and pertinent countermeasures
  • Develop capability to conduct ABC analysis across the data-driven tenets of working capital
  • Determine data requirements necessary to perform identified analyses
optimizing working capital private equity manufacturing webinar presentation