Navigating state and local tax implications for partnerships

Marc Shayer and Brian Myers

The partnership filing and K-1 process can be complicated under normal circumstances. Add to the mix multiple jurisdictions often across state lines, and the information included in the filings becomes even more critical. Without straightforward access to local information, such as breakdowns of revenues from various states and cities, partners might not have the information they need to effectively file partner returns or to identify which tax strategies to implement. During this webinar, we’ll explore how new approaches to data management and the future of the K-1 process can help producers and recipients be better prepared. After attending this event, you should be able to:

  • Assess your team’s current capabilities to navigate the complexities of state and local filing requirements associated with partnerships
  • Identify gaps in your current process and effective next steps on how to get ahead of state and local tax issues
  • Define the role that blocker corporations might play as part of a strategic tax plan

With increased focus by the IRS on partnerships in the past year and expected increased attention in the year ahead, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from seasoned professionals on the topic.