Navigating the Risks of the Contemporary M&A Market

MA Webinars

In the current corporate climate, deal professionals are being asked to source deals, develop valuation models, vet synergies, identify critical deal risks, lead financing efforts, understand transaction accounting, and benchmark projected integration expenses. In addition, should the transaction perform poorly, the corporate development team has to explain the compromised financial results to the board and the investor base. Often the deal success isn’t driven by a poor strategy fit or lack of a growth opportunity; instead it is the failure to identify transaction and target risks pre-deal and develop a proper post-deal mitigation plan, or even abandon the transaction if the risk outweighs the upside opportunity.

To give us exceptional insight into the subject of risks in M&A, Crowe recently worked with the Financial Executives Research Foundation to interview nearly 200 corporate acquirers in order to take a closer look at what seems to work – and what doesn’t – with respect to identifying the key M&A risks and developing an integration plan to address these risks. Some of the survey findings are intuitive, but many are quite surprising. The survey results challenge deal professionals, executives, and directors to reaffirm their shared commitment to get this important, high-stakes activity right.

This webinar discussion and the principal research findings will span the breadth of the M&A transaction value chain and include special consideration of the incremental challenges related to cross-border transactions.


  • Key risks to identify and address to help achieve a desirable M&A transaction
  • Deal risks that teams tend not to consider
  • Global deals – risks exist, but the principal ones are not necessarily what's expected
  • Controllable risks versus deal environment risks
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