Masterclass Series: Building the Autonomous Business Office for Healthcare Organizations

| 8/14/2019

What would it look like if your front, middle, and back-office operations were run with technology aided by humans, instead of humans aided by technology? As our ability to manage information and allow systems to manage operations grows, the idea of an autonomous revenue cycle continues to take shape. At Crowe, we believe that the autonomous business office is the future that will allow health systems to achieve their collective goals of: 

  • Highest revenue realization 
  • Least amount of operational variability 
  • Lowest costs for redundant tasks 

As a result of participating in the session, you should be able to: 

  • Identify areas of focus for enhanced operations through AI and machine learning
  • Discuss what key skills will be needed in the future to manage these systems 
  • Describe the benefits expected of an integrated operations system managed by humans and powered by AI
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