Managing Risks in a Global Company (Webinar Recording)

Companies responding to global market requirements are subject to increased regulations and often rely on third parties with their value chain. They have no choice but to break down silos in order to manage risks effectively. This situation is sparking a global trend toward better coordination, collaboration, and even integration of some risk management or assurance functions.

This trend is raising the question of both the effectiveness and the efficiency of the "three lines of defense" model that many organizations have adopted. Although this model – which is designed to protect businesses as well as support performance – is compelling, it is challenging to implement – especially when the stakes are global. Leading companies are beginning to see the benefits of both close coordination of all the functions that contribute to effective risk management and integration of risk into operational decisions.

This webinar looks at recent market research to explore the importance of integrating risk management, how companies are achieving success, and the barriers companies are facing.

Managing Risks in a Global Company Webinar Presentation