Managing an Effective and Compliant Model Risk Management Program

Banks and other financial institutions are increasingly dependent on a variety of models to support their economic, financial, and compliance decision-making processes. In the face of proliferating models, rising examiner expectations, and the issuance of Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management (OCC 2011-12, Fed Letter SR 11-7), managing model risk has become more challenging for these institutions.

Join Brookton Behm, John Epperson, and Ryan Luttenton from Crowe Risk Consulting as they discuss how organizations can learn from these expectations and capitalize on them to meet their own business and regulatory needs.

Key takeaways include helping you to:

  • Identify the critical components of managing an effective model risk program consistent with supervisory guidance.
  • Apply prescriptive and quantitative approaches to model management that are consistent with recent supervisory guidance.
  • Use and leverage the skills and resources of intersecting parties responsible for managing model risk.