Manage 13-week cash flow

In this economy, companies of all kinds should consider a 13-week cash flow forecast. See our breakdown of how you can get started.
Manage 13 week cashflow
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A 13-week cash flow forecast is a standard tool that distressed businesses have used for decades to evaluate and manage liquidity in the short-term. 

In this environment, companies of all kinds can benefit from a creating a 13-week cash flow forecast and using it to monitor and manage operations. A well-prepared forecast provides a thorough picture of an organization’s financial results, through an intensive weekly reporting process – and it can help avoid negative liquidity surprises. 

Striking the right balance for 13-week cash flow forecasting involves significant communication with all relevant stakeholders. This infographic offers a breakdown of what that should look like for most businesses starting this process.

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Managing Liquidity and Optimizing Costs webinar

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