Life Sciences Tax Credit: Navigating R&D Tax Rules with Tax Reform

The R&D credit is now even more valuable under tax reform. Overlooked and improper interpretations of the R&D tax credit can cost organizations a lot in terms of time and resources invested in claiming the credit and losing portions of the credit under IRS exam. Established organizations can easily fall into a routine of only claiming credit for the same activities that they did the year before, without re-examining what changes have occurred in the business that could open up new credit opportunities. Conversely, emerging leaders in the life sciences arena are often unaware of how the R&D credit can help their business grow. A yearly "fresh look" at company activities could result in an increased credit benefit, new areas of credit opportunity, and potential safe harbors available under a new Large Business and International (LB&I) directive.

During this webinar, we explore specific examples of how specialized knowledge in life sciences and tax law are directly affecting companies' bottom lines each year.