Lease Accounting Standard Rollout at the Mid-Point

What We’ve Learned and Where We Are Going


Whether yours is a private or public company, the adoption of the FASB’s ASU No. 2016-02 on Leases is now a reality for your organization. Public companies have moved from adopting to maintaining and better understanding the changes to their operations, while private companies look to use lessons learned from their peers that walked the road ahead of them as they get their efforts underway to comply by December 2019. With a narrowing of the Lease Accounting Standard’s scope by the FASB in late 2018, it is time to examine how leaders in the retail/restaurant sector are doing, what work is left, and how they are using technology to streamline their efforts.

Getting organized with your organization's leases is just the starting point and may only get you half way to your compliance goal. This presentation addresses how you can maximize your team’s efforts, streamline the process of starting, and stay compliant with the new lease accounting standard.