Implementing Holistic Opioid Stewardship Programs

| 11/21/2019

In today’s environment, having a comprehensive opioid stewardship program is not optional or a leading practice, it is a necessity. Is your hospital’s program taking a holistic approach that covers these key areas? 

  • Tracking: effective monitoring and documentation of all opioid movement within the organization 
  • Accessibility: transfers, dispensing, ordering, and administration 
  • Addiction prevention: initiatives to prevent new opioid addictions and assist current addicts 

As a result of participating in this webinar, you should be able to: 

  1. Describe regulators’ latest moves in addressing the opioid epidemic 
  2. Design a comprehensive opioid stewardship program that includes prescription analytics, optimizing pain management, prevention, and detection diversion controls 
  3. Formulate population health management programs to assist patients with opioid addictions such as medication-assisted treatment programs

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