How to Implement an Autonomous Business Office

| 11/11/2019

In the last masterclass on the autonomous business office, we focused on how to cut through the hype surrounding machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to identify strategic areas of focus (access the first session). With the next session in the series, we’ll explore the implementation and operations phase of this journey to automation and what it takes to move from talking about change to actually doing it.

In this webinar we unpack specific examples that outline just how healthcare organizations are implementing automation, teaching workers additional skills, and planning on managing a digital workforce. 

As a result of participating in this webinar, you should be able to: 

  • Determine the next steps required to move identified areas of focus from paper to implementation 
  • Outline the skills and staff required to examine and deconstruct current automated processes and engineer new ones 
  • Determine which partners and tools will be needed to integrate machine learning into the new processes 
  • Establish clear and realistic goals to measure success in the areas of: 
    • Labor and resource savings 
    • Improved revenue realization 
    • New opportunities that can be explored by staff that have been freed up to perform higher-level tasks 

A practical approach to implementation, this session will move past the rhetoric of how machine learning will change the world of healthcare to examine real-world applications and how leading organizations may reap the benefits of an autonomous business office today. Watch this recording to hear what you should be doing next within your organization.

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