Healthcare Revenue Cycle Performance Integrity

Matt Szaflarski
| 12/30/2020

What if your revenue cycle team could spend their time on the top opportunities for your organization rather than searching through mountains of data trying to find them? What if alerts automatically arrived with accurate forecasts and crucial notifications that allowed your team to proactively prepare for coming changes? Our performance integrity team is helping healthcare providers and institutions go beyond dashboards and status reports. With integrated alerts and initiatives, revenue cycle teams are able to cut through the noise, access relevant data, and focus their time and attention on what matters most to the organization. In this webinar, we’ll explore the technology that is enabling this today and the direct applications of these tools within the healthcare sector.

By participating in this event, you should be able to:

  • Assess the current challenges posed by overwhelming amounts of data and changing trends
  • Outline the key benefits of performance integrity for healthcare finance teams
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in your current systems and analytics programs
  • Communicate critical steps being taken by leading healthcare organizations and their applicability to your team’s efforts

Getting ahead and staying ahead in healthcare today is not about doing more with less or working harder. It is about letting systems, processes, and people work smarter and more efficiently. Join us to see how our performance integrity efforts are making this a reality for healthcare providers today.

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