Healthcare Compensation and Benefits, Tax Reform, and What We Know Now

Webinar presentation

| 12/20/2018

The healthcare industry is no stranger to change, but the level and speed of regulatory updates over the past few years have presented unprecedented opportunities and a few new risks as well. This event will examine current trends in healthcare compensation and benefits, the impact of tax reform on practices and high-net-income earners, as well as how leading organizations are adapting to the current landscape.

As a result of viewing this on-demand session, you should be able to: 

  • Examine risks associated with past 1094 and 1095 filings and how to mitigate potential penalties
  • Review your compliance with policies related to meals and entertainment, service awards, and gifts
  • Identify trends related to private equity groups, mergers and acquisitions, and tax compliance under new regulations
  • Describe current trends in compensation and benefits management for high-income earners
  • Articulate key areas of focus for 2019 related to tax reform and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 

You will not want to miss this practical review of where healthcare leaders are spending their time and resources to better align their operations to achieve their institutions' goals, take advantage of new opportunities, and maintain compliance with changing regulations.

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