Healthcare Cash Balance Reconciliation and Automation: Reduce Your Risk


| 4/18/2018

Finance transformations require improving business processes, often by using technology solutions to replace tedious manual operations and to achieve greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency. In an increasingly complex electronic transfer and payment world, many healthcare organizations struggle with reconciling daily cash received from the bank, to patient accounting systems, to general ledgers. Tracking non-patient cash from areas such as parking, gift shops, or transfers of money from off-site clinics and operations, can be time-consuming and result in unapplied balances – leaving cash on the table or putting the organization at risk.

During this webinar, Crowe specialists will explore how leading organizations are using technology solutions to track the chain of custody related to cash transactions and the benefits they are deriving from streamlining their processes.

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Define industrywide pain points that may be building at your organization
  • Determine where you are on the spectrum of performance today, your organizational risk level, and steps to resolve issues
  • Recognize best practices in cash reconciliation
  • Describe pitfalls to avoid

In an accelerated world where financial transactions are increasingly done electronically, it can be detrimental to healthcare organizations to overlook cash that is moving through the institution each day.

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