Healthcare Summit 2020: Modeling and Monitoring Net Revenue During Patient Accounting System Conversions

| 10/5/2020
In this session, we will share examples of preparation, planning, go-live support, and monitoring required during full EMR and patient account system conversions. We will review overall transition strategy, key metrics to monitor, and how to best integrate cross-functional teams to achieve success. Additionally, recommendations will be provided related to net revenue modeling and AR valuation throughout the transition. As a result of attending the webinar, you should be able to: • Discuss how to put together a road map to prepare and plan for a revenue-neutral system conversion • Identify the necessary analytics and reporting KPIs to monitor throughout go-live, immediately after, and in perpetuity • Review actual client examples and receive feedback from organizations engaged with Crowe in the past • In the absence of adequate historical experience, identify options for the initial setup of a reserve model and metrics to monitor to verify an appropriate net AR position while being able to "tell the story" of net revenue