Healthcare Summit 2020: Building and Maintaining Executive Confidence in Net Revenue

| 10/1/2020

Net revenue yield is often a subject of great mystery and frustration at the executive level. The nature of net revenue, especially when utilizing a balance sheet reserve model, can create income volatility that puts a significant amount of pressure on finance and accounting staff to concisely articulate variances and drivers of net revenue performance. However, busy schedules, tight close timelines, and misconceptions about the reserve model and net revenue can make variance reporting a challenge. In this course, we’ll discuss the foundational groundwork necessary to establish executive trust in the reserve model as well as effective communication strategies to use in conversations with the executive team to explain the net revenue story. As a result of attending the webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify effective strategies for educating executives on net revenue

  • Recognize do’s and don’ts for articulating net revenue drivers

  • Develop a standard presentation for monthly reporting

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