Metals Industry ERP Success Story: Haynes International

Key takeaways from the Haynes International success story

  • Utilizing multiple systems to manage a metals supply chain is costly, inefficient, and limits productivity.
  • Crowe Metals ERP solution offers a single-platform software application designed to help global companies like Haynes International create and sustain growth in the metals industry.

Crowe and Microsoft Dynamics offered the ideal global solution for Haynes International to overcome barriers to growth within the metals industry. In this testimonial, Jeff Young, Vice President and CIO of Haynes International, shares his company’s successful partnership experience with Crowe.

Crowe Metals Accelerator software solution

When a system designed and implemented in the 1990s was no longer practical for the company’s needs, Jeff Young and Haynes International turned to Crowe for help. With offices spanning the globe, it was important for Haynes International to have one streamlined solution that would create a functional system that could be used globally.

Haynes International partnered with Crowe based on several key benefits:

  • Access to a singular global platform that can evolve with the company over time.
  • Deep understanding and use of Microsoft technologies, including metals industry specific Microsoft Dynamics AX software.
  • A highly knowledgeable team to lean on to ensure successful ERP solution implementation and ongoing support.

With the resources and technology needed to meet the requirements of a growing global company, the Crowe Metals Accelerator was the ideal solution for Haynes International. How is your current solution meeting your specific needs? Contact Crowe today to discover the metals ERP application, specifically designed for the metals industry, can prepare your business for growth, reduce legacy system risk, and give your employees near real-time access to analytics needed to do their job more efficiently.