A first look at Crowe Healthcare Finance Suite: A game-changing evolution of RCA and net revenue

| 10/26/2020

Timely and accurate information has always been critical to healthcare, but in today’s accelerated environment, leaders need more than just data. They need integration and seamlessly access across systems, processes, and departments. They need a strategic suite of tools that work in concert to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. One that breaks down silos between data and teams, allowing for a single source of truth.

For the past 15 years, Crowe Healthcare has provided solutions targeted as specific pain points within the industry. As the number of these technology solutions has grown, so too has Crowe’s ability to integrate these offerings across business lines and operations. This evolution of services has led to the creation of the Crowe Finance Suite.

During this webinar, we explore:

  1. A brief history of Crowe technology and solutions
  2. Explore why now is the right time for a change
  3. Discuss the collaborative nature of the Crowe roadmap process with clients and staff
  4. Crowe Finance Suite functionality overview
  5. What does this mean for you and your organization
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