Find an easier way to manage CARES Act reporting

Bob Dobis

The Crowe CARES Act Reporting Tool makes it easy for you and your team to track, manage, consolidate, and report how CARES Act money is being spent and who is spending it. Developed by a team with extensive expertise in federal reporting requirements, this tool is consistently updated to reflect the ever-changing regulations. Plus, it can help you manage a variety of future grant reporting needs. 

In this webinar recording, we review recent changes to the federal CARES Act reporting requirements and show you how our tool can help you: 

  • Track and organize all awards and subawards 
  • Gather and organize necessary information from subawardees 
  • Easily monitor nonreporting subrecipients at all levels 
  • Securely collect and report all required data 
  • Automatically upload final reports 
  • Help you maintain compliance throughout the process