Finance Transformation for Healthcare

| 7/26/2017

To meet the increasing demand for service and accelerated analysis while increasing accuracy, healthcare finance leaders are assessing themselves and their organizations to understand how they can transform business operations, tools, systems, and staff so they can maintain or achieve to elevate to best-in-class performance. This assessment starts with a short but complex question: "Where are we today and where do we need to be in the future?"

During this webinar we will explore that question, examine benchmark analytics, and provide participants with a road map for what steps to take next.

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the tools for benchmarking your organization’s current performance
  • Determine where your organization should be on the maturity curve to achieve its stated goals
  • Identify the gaps, how to quantify improvement opportunities, and what next steps are needed
  • Discuss the framework for sustained implementation and continual transformation

The demands on healthcare professionals will only increase as more people look to them for support and care. Healthcare financial leaders recognize that the impacts of this will spread to all areas of their organizations and that they must anticipate now what needs to change, how they will transform their operations, and how to communicate their strategies to achieve success.

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