Exploring the Intersection of Third-Party Risk and Privacy

Meeting the standards of CCPA and GDPR may start by getting your organization’s framework and process for data protection and privacy management in order, but it does not stop there. Beyond the walls of your organization, you may be at risk of data breaches or mismanagement by third-party vendors and suppliers you are not even tracking. High profile breaches over the past few years have shown a spotlight on vulnerabilities that can come from unexpected third-party sources. Does your organization know which vendors and suppliers have access to what may be considered private information? Do you know what frameworks your third-party providers have in place to safeguard that information? In this session, we’ll explore the risk posed by third-parties as well as how leading organizations are working with their suppliers and vendors to mitigate their risk. By attending this webinar, you should be able to: • Describe the current third-party risk landscape and what to consider when enhancing your program • Outline how to include privacy assessments into third-party agreements • Perform a gap analysis of your team’s current third-party risk management efforts in the area of data privacy and protection • Determine what additional support may be needed to ensure compliance with current regulations like CCPA and GDPR as well as what may be next The focus on consumer privacy rights and data protection is here to stay, and a breach of trust, whether directly by your organization or through a third-party provider, will have lasting impacts on the relationships you have with your customers and consumers. Join us to find out what steps you need to be taking now to help safeguard that trust.