Examining tiered partnerships and the future of reporting for K-1 producers and recipients

Tim Trifilo, Neal Schneider, Nate Jones

With their ability to share risks and rewards, tiered partnerships are an appealing strategic financial planning option. However, the growing complexity of these partnerships is placing an increased reporting burden on K-1 producers and recipients. In this webinar, we’ll examine why tiered partnerships are growing in popularity, specific pain points K-1 producers and recipients are struggling with, and how the digital K-1 is transforming regulatory compliance.

After attending this event, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the benefits of tiered partnerships and their strategic value to organizations and investors
  • Outline the specific reporting risks that producers and recipients of tiered partnership documentation face, such as compliance in multiple states and jurisdictions, income classification, and difficulty finding the information they need
  • Assess your current process for developing and managing tiered partnership K-1s and how it compares to the Crowe digital K-1 process

Producers and recipients of K-1s will not want to miss this event and the real-world examination of today's challenges and tomorrow's solutions.

Tiered partnerships and the future of reporting for K-1 producers