It’s 2018. Do You Know Who and What Is Connected to Your Network? 


The proliferation of interconnected devices such as medical devices has brought a new level of risk and cybersecurity issues to healthcare organizations that often can directly affect patient safety. Often simple to deploy (that is, without IT support), the increase in network-connected devices has made it more difficult for IT professionals to track devices, monitor the information they have access to, and know where they physically reside within the organization at any given moment. This session will explore the trends and leading practices being used by healthcare teams to reduce these risks and prepare their teams to respond should a situation arise that could compromise patient safety and the organization itself. As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of a holistic approach to cybersecurity management that includes clinicians, risk management, and IT professionals
  • Recognize the benefits of a renewed focus on "Security 101" while evolving to proactively managing the ever-changing IT environment
  • Recognize that these emerging issues are not only a risk to IT systems but can directly affect patient safety and the overall organization

The cybersecurity needs of healthcare organizations are evolving and require that leaders continue proven fundamental practices along with emerging strategies that enable them to manage infrastructure securely while being able to respond to threats rapidly.