Data-Driven Decision-Making for the Metals Industry



Key takeaways from the Data-Driven Decision-Making webinar

  • Results from the 2018 American Metal Market and Crowe “Technology in Metals” survey.
  • Companies throughout the metals industry are struggling to standardize and analyze large amounts of data collected and turn that information into actionable insights.
  • Operational analytics is needed to become a data-based decision-making organization that is able to adjust to changing market demands, better understand customer behavior, and differentiate from competitors.

In this on-demand webinar, Tony Barnes and Dan Edwards from Crowe come together to discuss how data can and should be utilized by metals companies to make informed, strategic decisions.

Technology in metals survey results

To begin, Tony talks through the results of the annual Technology in Metals Survey. Two specific questions are highlighted.

  1. How do respondents rate their company on a data analytics/business intelligence maturity scale?
  2. What challenges do companies face when it comes to data analysis and business intelligence (BI)?

In regard to the business intelligence maturity scale, within the last three years, answers to this question have changed dramatically as companies have shifted their priorities and focused more on technology. In terms of challenges companies face with data analytics and business intelligence, the survey results show that standardizing data tends to be the most prevalent issue. Many companies struggle with the amount of data collected and what to do with the information.

The need for operational analytics

Next up, Dan discusses why Crowe built Operational Analytics for Metals. After looking at the survey results, the need for this service in the metals industry was clear. To design the system, Crowe looked at four pillars:

  • Bringing in additional information
  • Modifying that information
  • Apply it to how the organization works
  • Pulling all of those disparate systems together

Crowe Operational Analytics for Metals

With standard dashboards and customizable features, we have metals software solutions to help companies in the metals industry. With those tools, users can easily get a quick view of all key areas of business, including product information, sales information, finance information, and more. There are also options to dive deeper into each category to interact with the system and get more details for a comprehensive look at how the company is doing.

Contact Crowe if you’re interested in learning more about how your metals company can use operational analytics for data driven decision making that will help you meet changing market demands, understand customer buying practices, and differentiate your products and services within a crowded industry marketplace.