Cybersecurity Beyond PCI Compliance


When it comes to managing cybersecurity threats, compliance is not a destination but a stop on the journey. For organizations that interface with customers directly such as retailers and restaurants, the evolutionary nature of new technologies that make the consumer experience better and back-end processes more efficient may also be injecting new IT risks into the organization. While many organizations are focused on compliance (primarily with PCI), they may be missing significant threats in other parts of the business, including a dynamic workforce, proper segmentation of store, corporate and PCI systems, as well as the growing number of network-connected devices in stores belonging to consumers, employees, or the organization.

This session goes beyond PCI compliance to assess key areas of risk to your operations, distinguish top priorities for leaders today, and relate important cybersecurity steps you need to take in the weeks and months ahead. It will also examine specific threats to these business areas and provide actionable strategies for addressing them.