Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer for Microsoft Cloud Users

The Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer, powered by Microsoft Cloud, provides the solution that companies need to ensure compliance with the new industry lease accounting standards. This web-based solution was built and designed by Crowe accounting professionals and offers global deployment, easy access to information, and secure collaboration. 

As showcased in this video, the Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that ensures all of the necessary boxes are checked through the leasing process. Once created, the leases are easy to edit, manage, and share as needed. Microsoft Power BI allows for unparalleled visibility into your lease portfolio to facilitate compliance with the new lease accounting standards. 

With resources from Crowe and Microsoft, businesses can save time, reduce the chance for errors, and streamline processes to become compliant with the new standard. Schedule a live demo to see Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer in action.