Marshalls PLC Meets New Lease Standards with Crowe


With new lease standards coming into effect, Crowe recognized a need for advanced tools and resources to help companies remain compliant. In this video testimonial, Marshalls PLC shares their story of working with Crowe to organize and manage over 1,500 leases while meeting the new standards and keeping the entire team informed.

With support from Crowe professionals, and the use of the Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer, Marshalls PLC’s transition to the new lease standards was smooth. As part of the transition process, Crowe provided the entire Marshalls PLC team with training that directly impacted their ability to meet the new industry lease standards, as well as effectively use the new software. 

Through coaching, support, and a powerful software solution, Marshalls PLC has stayed at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. Learn how the Crowe Lease Accounting Optimizer can do the same for your company.