Coronavirus tax relief: how businesses can find liquidity


The COVID-19 outbreak has caused extreme economic impacts across all businesses – nationally and globally. In response to crisis, the United States government recently signed the into effect the CARES Act in effort to provide recovery and relief to those affected by the pandemic.

By viewing this on-demand webinar, you can expect to learn strategies to maximize opportunities to obtain benefits from the recently enacted legislation designed to assist businesses and individuals affected by the Coronavirus outbreak

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of recently enacted CARES and FFCR Acts
  • Strategies for increasing cashflow through provisions of the new legislation as well as already available tax strategies
  • Introduction of resources available for assistance

Presented by:

  • Howard Wagner, Washington National Tax Services Partner
  • Veena Murthy, Washington National Tax Service Partner
  • Rochelle Hodes, Washington National Tax Service Partner
  • Lou Miller, National Tax Office Managing Partner
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