Crowe Metals Accelerator lot traceability demo


Key takeaways from the lot traceability software demo

  • Traceability compliance is an issue for metals companies due to lack of visibility across departments.
  • Lot traceability tools can minimize manual data entry errors, improve customer service, and simplify inventory tracking.

The benefits of lot traceability

For global companies, visibility across all departments is an important factor in maximizing efficiency and improving communication. Crowe’s Metals Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed specifically to bring that visibility to the metals industry. Using the lot traceability function of the Crowe Metals Accelerator software, metals companies can expect to:

  • Fulfill customer orders quicker with specific product tags that meet any customer’s unique specifications.
  • Utilize the same electronic product tags to improve traceability with all the required product properties accounted for.
  • Inherit child tags from parent products to simplify the tracing efforts of downstream products.

Crowe metals ERP solution

The lot traceability demo shows how the tool can be used. In the demo, you’ll see how inventory tracking can reduce errors, improve customer service, and track sales from start to finish. Using the Crowe Metals Accelerator, your company can benefit from improved lot traceability. Contact Crowe today to learn more.