CHAN 340B Program Services: Achieving 340B Program Integrity

CHAN 340B Program Services: Achieving 340B Program Integrity For many healthcare organizations, the 340B Drug Pricing Program offers significant cost savings that enables them to continue serving at-risk populations. However, frequent changes to the program’s complex regulations have made it challenging for many healthcare entities to remain current and in compliance. To compound matters, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has increased its scrutiny to ensure compliance. Healthcare organizations that aren’t conducting sufficient monitoring and oversight of their 340B programs run the risk of disqualification and potential exposure to significant repayments. CHAN Healthcare, a subsidiary of Crowe, has worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations to help them verify the integrity of their 340B programs and retain this critical benefit. CHAN has a comprehensive approach that has enabled healthcare entities to assess and improve their programs through enhanced monitoring and process improvements