California Privacy Act Compliance in 2020 – What You Need to Know


Companies in the U.S. and with U.S. operations are facing new and unparalleled pressure to safeguard personal information – customer data, employee information, and more. The regulatory landscape is increasingly complicated in the area of privacy and data protection, now that the California governor signed all five California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) amendments into law and the California attorney general has issued proposed CCPA regulations. With initial compliance costs projected at more than $55 billion, companies are trying to determine what steps to take next. Developing a strategy that prioritizes where your company spends time and resources will be key to managing risk. During this webinar, we will explore insights into CCPA’s requirements, blending a legal perspective with an operational view, and provide tips for meeting the myriad regulatory requirements.

By participating in this session, you should be able to:

  • Determine if your organization has met compliance requirements under the CCPA
  • Outline initial steps your organization needs to take before January 2020, such as updating privacy policies and vendor agreements, and mapping consumer data
  • Develop an initial strategy that prioritizes the elements of the CCPA requiring immediate action versus those that can be implemented over time

As states like Nevada and others develop new privacy requirements, the need for companies to assess their risk and manage compliance to protect their reputations is growing. Leaders across industries, such as life sciences, retail, banking, financial services, technology, and others, know that all is not lost when it comes to compliance with CCPA, but it does take a plan and knowing which steps to take next. Join us for this legal and operational review to learn what you need to do now to better understand the CCPA and new privacy laws and stay ahead of the curve.

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