Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation & Machine Learning in Healthcare 

Oh My...Now What?

| 6/25/2019

Healthcare leaders are faced with more technology options, solutions, and risks than ever before. We hear the latest buzz words like blockchain, autonomous process, and artificial intelligence, and they sound exciting, but navigating the latest solutions and identifying how they fit into the organization can be overwhelming at times. Should you be an early adopter and be the first to offer new options and tools, or do you wait to see the impact, reward, and risks? Leaders face these questions each day. With opportunities to enhance patient experiences, compliance efforts, revenue cycle, and more, it can seem like drinking from the firehose each and every day. 

This event will go beyond the theory of what is next and examine practical approaches, case studies, and real-world application of the latest technology solutions designed to help organizations become more effective and efficient. 

As a result of participating in the session, you should be able to: 

  1. Identify leading technology opportunities and related risk facing healthcare providers 
  2. Systematically assess the impact of these technologies and process shifts on staff and integrated systems 
  3. Determine key areas of focus for internal audit, how leading organizations are prioritizing their resources, and how their teams are helping mitigate risks while maximizing output and efficiency
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