Biomedical Devices: Highest Impact and Managed Risk in Healthcare

| 2/22/2017

Innovation is one of the core elements of the healthcare industry. Advances in medical procedures and devices to sustain and help patients live a healthy life are emerging at an ever-increasing pace. On the biomedical front, as more devices become interconnected to the “Internet-of-Things” we are seeing incredible advances in patient management and the ability of doctors, nurses, and healthcare organizations to manage treatments remotely.

There is, however, massive risk to this interconnectivity, which many organizations are not prepared to manage. With little to no formal governance, the management and oversight of biomedical devices pose significant financial and reputation risk to healthcare organizations. Does your team have the right plan in place to manage, monitor, and oversee the biomedical devices your doctors and nurses are employing every day?

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify cybersecurity risks associated with biomedical devices, including connectivity capabilities and storing patient health information
  • Plan resource allocations
  • Assess current guidance and frameworks, including direction from the FDA and other federal agencies, as well as industry leading practices
  • Develop asset inventory tracking and management strategies
  • Determine organizational oversight and responsibility for biomedical device risk, that is, who should be in charge

Most healthcare organizations realize the medical benefits that they and patients are deriving from biomedical devices. The sad reality is that the majority of them have yet to realize the IT risk that these incredible advances have also brought into the heart of their operations.

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