Best Practices to Avoid Culture Clash During M&A Integration 


MA Webinars
| 12/8/2015

Both the acquirer’s and target's culture are critical during the first 90 days ofoperating as a combined company. Although deal strategy determines the necessary degree of integration, cultural norms such as decision-making, accountability, leadership style, and patterns of behavior may accelerate, delay, or derail your integration objectives.

In this webinar, Crowe will explore cultural risk assessment and mitigation, with particular emphasis on cultural forces driving integration success, including:

  • Developing the business case to manage cultural risks
  • Addressing visible and invisible cultural complexity
  • Understanding important differences in the current cultures
  • Assessing the deal risks involved in each culture
  • Integrating cultural transformation into the change management plan
Best Practices to Avoid Culture Clash During MampA Integration Webin