Anti-Money Laundering: 2016 Update (Webinar Recording)


Regulators continue to emphasize the importance of strong anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs for the banks they supervise. In this webinar, leaders in the Crowe AML practice will discuss current trends in AML regulatory supervision, areas of intensified regulatory scrutiny, and particular areas of focus for various institution types. This session will also provide perspectives on how organizations may learn from these trends and capitalize on this information to meet their own business and regulatory needs.

The session is planned to cover various discussion topics, including:

  • The new rule on beneficial ownership and its possible impact on your entity
  • Management of sanctions risk and evolving global economic sanctions
  • Effective selection and implementation of AML compliance software
  • Evolving expectations and strategies for nonbank financial services providers
  • Governance and execution of a model risk management program
  • Building and maintaining a sustainable AML program

Key takeaways from this webinar should include helping you to:

  • Discuss operational impacts of regulatory guidance
  • Explore alternatives for meeting regulatory expectations, including the use of technology and tools

Presented by:
Arjun Kalra, Principal, Crowe
Dan Tira, Crowe
Tom Lazard, Crowe

aml 2016 update webinar presentation