Accounting/Financial Reporting Developments, Regulatory Provisions, and Cybersecurity (Webinar Recording)

Banking Audit Committee
| 10/19/2015

As financial institution audit committee requirements and expectations are continually increasing, it is becoming more important for audit committee members to be up to speed on rapidly changing financial reporting, regulatory, and risk management developments.

This webinar recording provides updates from industry professionals on the topics of:

  • The latest accounting and financial reporting developments and related requirements affecting financial institutions, including developments from the FASB and SEC
  • The latest legislative and regulatory developments, including several provisions implemented as required by Dodd-Frank, Basel III, and the CFPB
  • The latest trends in banking financial data and demographics of financial institutions, plus examination focal areas from the federal regulatory perspective
  • The current state of cybersecurity in the financial services industry
  • The Crowe framework for managing cybersecurity risk