It’s time to take the headaches and complexity out of building annual financial reports.

Budget books, comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs), and annual financial reports are complex and time-consuming to compile each year.

They require manual processes, multiple people, and multiple technologies.

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Creating your annual financial reports can be easier and more efficient – with the right technology.

Crowe Financial Book Builder is that technology. This web-based tool allows you to streamline the process and easily manage multiple people contributing to the final report. 

Build multiple types of reports – all in one tool

You can build virtually any type of financial report you need with financial schedules, narrative text, charts, graphs, and images.

Create annual financial reports in less time

You can build reports in less time by importing financial schedules from your ERP system or Excel, and taking advantage of time-saving features.

Enable multiple people to contribute to a report at the same time

You can easily manage report creation with multiple people, across multiple departments, including status and approvals. 

We built experience and knowledge right into the features of Crowe Financial Book Builder.

Our team of government accounting and technology professionals have spent decades working with customers on annual financial reporting.

We incorporated this experience along with best practices and shortcuts into the features of the product.

Import financial schedules

Avoid duplicating any of your existing work by pulling in financial schedules from your financial system or Excel.

Allow multiple people to contribute to a report

Multiple people can work on sections of a report at the same time, with real-time updates, and you can review and approve each section as it’s completed.

Preview reports

You can drag and drop the financial schedules, narrative text, charts, graphs, and images you need into a report, and preview the changes as you make them.

Establish consistent styling

Set guidelines upfront for fonts, line spacing, margins, and more – so you have a consistent look and feel, without lots of cleanup at the end.

Simplify narrative text 

Define the common terms included in your narrative text – like fiscal year, entity name, and auditor – and then make updates in one place to provide consistency.

Include footnotes

Include footnotes and reference key amounts or totals from your financial schedules. 

When it comes to the challenges of building annual financial reports, we’ve been in your shoes.

Our team has decades of experience working with clients on annual financial reporting, so we understand how complex and challenging the process can be. 

We also know how to make it easier. We’re here to help you every step of the way not only with technology, but also with in-depth expertise.