Program assessment

Banking program assessment

Follow a proactive approach to regulatory compliance

Financial institutions should have confidence that their compliance programs can satisfy regulatory requirements. Crowe can help banks assess their programs’ maturity and develop specific plans for improvement through the comprehensive Crowe Program Assessment Road Map (PAR).

A Crowe PAR engagement includes a thorough assessment of the state of your compliance program maturity and an objective comparison with current standards and best practices. Using proprietary frameworks as their guide, our professionals develop a comprehensive list of improvement opportunities with corresponding recommendations for action. The end result is a detailed road map and timeline to help you achieve compliance, efficiency, and sustainability.

The Crowe Closed-Loop Anti-Money Laundering Program framework
Assessment road map

Assessment road map

Learn how to move beyond basic compliance.

Tailor your road map

The key to the Crowe PAR process is to develop specific remediation activities for each identified area for improvement. We provide your team recommendations across a full spectrum of alternatives, allowing you to tailor your future-state implementation plan – from the minimum recommended for basic compliance to meeting or exceeding industry best practices.

The result is a detailed road map of activities, charted on a timeline, designed to help you fulfill recommendations and advance each program to the level of compliance, efficiency, and sustainability you wish to achieve.

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