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Ask an Expert

Crowe firms in 14 CEE and SEE countries have united to deliver additional support to our clients.

Current situation raises a number of questions for international businesses. What is the local state support available? What changes in taxation and labour law are still valid? Or maybe you are coming back to “new normal” and plan to adjust your firm to expected challenges?

  • State support advisory
    • What measures are available for my company?
  • Immediate and mid-term actions
    • What options are available for my company (financial restructuring, staff redundancy, re-negotiation of contracts etc.)?
    • How can I limit liabilities of my company?
  • Labour law and HR
    • What changes in labour law will influence my company?
    • What are opportunities and risks for my company?
    • What improvements can be introduced in my company?
  • Tax law
    • What changes in tax law will influence my company?
    • How can my company benefit from current changes?
  • Providing financial liquidity
    • What are the new sources of liquidity available?
    • What improvements can be introduced in my company?


Our experts

Our team consists of experts from CEE countries, with extensive experience in the advisory, tax, labour law and commercial law. We cooperate with clients from various industries, operating both on the local and international market. We work for companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations.

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