Case study:

| 3/4/2020



“Breakthroughs happen when limiting thoughts and behaviours are challenged,” according to Fabienne Fredrickson, creator of The Client Attraction System.

Founded in 2008, quickly established itself as a leading option for online video, training, presentations and meetings. However, despite steady growth alongside other market competitors, Webinar was still seeking its ‘breakthrough’ moment.

It took the decision to act, and sought to streamline its service offer, as well as its sales structure, to take success to the next level.


While the company found initial success in providing off-the-shelf webinar services, it really took off once it adopted a truly client-centric approach, focused on finding the right solution for each customer’s needs.

As part of this process, Webinar undertook a systems review to try and bring together sales units, CRM managers and development units in a more integrated way. It knew that revenue growth could be unlocked if these cogs worked more harmoniously.

A Scrum team was formed under the guidance of the company’s General Director, to focus on effective task delivery, and engaging various departments in reaching towards a common goal. The Scrum team included two Heads of Sales Units, a CRM Manager, a CRM Developer and a Product Manager. With daily planning meetings and coordinated Scrum sprints, processes were better controlled and the sales process more closely imitated the software development process.

These improvements in the way it liaised with potential users, along with a new agile methodology for the sales department, centred on a new customer relationship management (CRM) model, led to 20% revenue growth and a 20-30% sales increase per sales manager.

In terms of the external face of the company, functionality and compatibility improvements were prioritised, with Webinar making sure it could fully integrate with a range of other corporate systems commonly used by clients. The approach focused on collaboratively exploring with potential clients the problems and challenges which its platform could mitigate, with the ultimate shared goal being to ‘create new communications standards’.

Companies and organizations from a wide variety of backgrounds – from start-ups of all shapes and sizes through to pharmaceuticals, technology companies and higher education academic institutions – are now making use of Webinar for internal meetings, pitches, distance learning, training sessions and sales interactions.

OUTCOME has carried out more than half a million webinars, hosting an average of 270 sessions every single day for its 7,000+ customers.

Client wins have soared since its decision to streamline, and testimonials from satisfied customers continue to tell the story of Webinar’s success.

With more than 1000 partners in Russia and the CIS, Lenovo needed to communicate product line information and updates to retail and corporate partners in real-time. With Webinar’s help, Lenovo has reduced event costs tenfold, accessing partners far quicker than before.

Completo, a digital marketing company, reduced the length of its transaction cycle by 50%. Focus Media – a non-profit that implements social projects throughout Russia – made savings of 1.5 million roubles ($25,000) a year. Cosmetics company Faberlic conducts cosmetology training courses through Webinar, while Siemens uses the platform to run regular marketing presentations and product innovation demonstrations.

Foodik, the country’s first centralised hub for internet food deliveries, entered into partnership agreements with 150 restaurants within two months of orchestrating a marketing campaign through Webinar which targeted restaurant managers.

Academic institutions also avail the benefits and Moscow State University, for example, hosts more than 700 hours of teaching time on Webinar each year.

Nothing Webinar did could be classed as ‘radical’, but its success serves as a classic example of how small challenges to the status quo and streamlining to ensure efficiency can lead to organisations achieving their ‘eureka’ or breakthrough moment.