Mobility plan

Mobility is key when it comes to improving the organisation's impacts on its employees and on the territories of operation.
The French Law for the ecological transition and green growth

The French law of August 17th 2015  mandates the Company Mobility Plan from January 1st 2018. This obligation applies to every organisation of more than 100 employees working on the same site and located in an Urban Mobility Plan area.

A diagnosis allowing you to establish concrete measures

This company mobility plan allows the organisations to establish measures in order to optimize travels. It aims to reduce GHG and pollutants emissions and improve the efficiency of employees' travels. It also promotes alternative transport modes (cycling, commuting) to replace private cars.


The French regulation establishes a framework but does not require a particular method to implement a Mobility Plan inside your company. The approach recommended by the French ADEME is often seen as a reference despite a certain formalism (mobility diagnosis with an investifation, action plans, results and return on experience) and expensive costs. Our solution: reduce the time of the diagnosis by using what we already know ! 

Our Partners

Animating and monitoring with Ozact
Our approach alongside Auxilia
Animating and monitoring with Ozact

Monitoring your mobility action plan with our solution Ozact 

According to our experience and our vision on the deployment of a mobility action plan, the following 3 pillars of change are necessary:

-          Actors of change : define and structure the different player's roles

-          Objectives and performance : establish targets and ambitions 

-          Animation Dynamic  : unite teams around projects and maintain the transition rythm. 

We provide you with a personalized support to help you consolidate these three pillars and deploy your mobility action plan with the Ozact solution. 

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Our approach alongside Auxilia
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A simplified approach developed with Auxilia

Do you want to optimise costs, improve traveling conditions and reduce GHG emissions associated with commuting distances?  Are you willing to reduce tensions caused by car parking and provide innovative mobility services for your collaborators? The first step is to implement your Mobility Plan. Auxilia and Sustainable Metrics are getting together to assist you in the transition process towards alternative mobilities:

/ We identify together the practices and mobility needs of your collaborators with a simplified diagnosis.

/ We determine the adapted levers of change to quickly implement concrete and effective actions that will encourage the use of alternative transports instead of private cars.

We developed a tool with our partner Auxilia, who has been a mobility expert for 20 years. Regarding the methodology, our complementarity allows us to approach the topic with pragmatism, close to current social constraints and economic and environmental issues to come.

The brochure : PDIE-Auxilia-V6