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Elron's experts have extensive experience in the energy industry's value chain in project development and management, as well as in questions related to finance and economics.

About Elron

Our passion is to provide first-class advice and support to our clients in the increasingly important energy sector, covering all aspects of the energy value chain. Our key values are integrity, insightful solutions, client satisfaction, commitment and entrepreneurial attitude. 

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Our clients benefit from our unique market insights and Elron partners commit themselves to the day-to-day execution of projects, to ensure maximum client satisfaction. 
Elron is the partner of choice in all types of power and heat generation projects and businesses.
Our references cover financial and project development advise to power and heat generation projects with all types of technology and fuels. Project development experience covers a great variety of different type of structures: IPP, BOT, sale&lease back, brown field, green field, fuel conversion, refinance, divestment and acquisition projects worldwide.
We have the expertise to take responsibility for the whole development of the investment until financial close or specific matters during the development. Our services include also business valuations, due diligence work and feasibility studies – works often needed by e.g. financial institutions who fund projects.
Transmission & Distribution
Elron retains special expertise in transmission and distribution network business (“wires business”) regulation. As these businesses are monopolistic by nature, most countries regulate the allowed return on assets. Elron has worked with numerous clients in assignments regarding regulation of transmission and distribution of power, heat and gas. We have advised clients on tariff structures and levels in district heating, water supply and waste water. References cover also M&A, valuations and due diligences within the industry.
Recycling and Renewable Generation
Use of recycled fuels, waste residues, or pure biofuels have been for long a commercially viable part in power and heat generation. Elron has helped many clients in developing bio fuelled or waste-to-energy projects with different technologies. Currently wind power is emerging as commercially (i.e no subsidies) competitive source of energy and we see the emergence of solar power winning share. These types of generation project developments have been Elron’s competences throughout.
Our services cover project development, feasibility studies, due diligence work, valuations, M&A and financial advisory.
Industrial companies have for long applied CHP in their energy generation. Elron has helped many clients with insightful solutions to develop these assets for increased efficiency and profitability, often through finding utility partners and developing new commercial structures to the ventures.
Financing Institutions
Financiers, banks, institutions and funds who are in the business of funding energy and infrastructure assets need thorough information of the ventures and business to back their decisions and risk management. Elron helps these parties through in depth expertise of the industry by providing high quality feasibility studies, due diligences, valuations as well as risk and financial structuring optimisation.
Public Private Partnership
In infrastructure projects such as roads and railroads, water and waste water networks, water treatment plants, district heating networks, the assets have traditionally been financed through public sector debt or direct from tax revenues (state/municipal budget). A viable alternative to this is often private sector participation to these projects. We advise our clients in all aspects of private sector project funding and have together with relevant market participants developed a national public private partnership model.