Corona crisis

Corona crisis


The corona pandemic and the healthcare policy measures to contain it are leading to massive drops in orders and bookings for many companies. The looming economic downturn can become a threat to the existence of both companies and the self-employed.

We have formed a task force of financial, labour law and tax law experts who are experienced in dealing with corporate crises and who are constantly monitoring current developments in Germany in  labour law regulations, in particular with regard to short-time working, public support measures and tax relief in connection with combating the corona crisis.

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Corona crisis - Cross-border home working

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Rheinbay, Michael
Michael Rheinbay
Partner / Attorney at Law (Germany)
Wernicke, Daniel
Daniel Wernicke, LL.M.
Partner / Managing Director / Attorney at Law (Germany), Tax Advisor (Germany), Certified Consultant for International Tax Law
Tockuss, Alexander
Alexander Tockuss
Partner / International Advisory Contact
Jetter, Michael
Michael Jetter
Partner / Managing Director / Auditor (Germany), Tax Advisor (Germany), CPA