How I joined the EXPO REAL 2018?

Marek Włodarczyk

Last week I visited the EXPO REAL 2018 in Munich, with 44,536 participants and 2,095 exhibitors Europe’s most important industry event. These record numbers reflect the strong development of the property industry in Europe. Crowe was represented this year by 2 booths - Crowe Global and our Berlin member firm Crowe Trinavis.

Core themes at the show were the Opportunities and Risks ten years after the financial crisis and global investments in the current phase of the cycle.

Smart and Digital was the Motto in the main part of the networking’s and presentation. The digital transformation is bringing about far-reaching change in the real estate sector. More than 60 young technology companies presented themselves in the Real Estate Innovation Forum. Digitalization was everywhere, the retail segment discussed how to attract customers online and offline; logistics companies explored ideas for mastering “the last mile”; and the hotel business looked at ways of breaking down the barriers between hotel property and hotel operations.

Affordable housing - whether in the conference program or at the exhibitors’ events: The sector engaged in intensive discussions on how to achieve affordable housing. EXPO REAL 2018 in figure - 44,536 participants from 72 countries (2017: 41,775 / 75) came to Munich for EXPO REAL—a rise of 6,6 percent. The total number of participants can be broken down into 21,692 trade visitors (2017: 20,016) and 22,844 company representatives (2017: 21,579). 

After Germany, the top ten countries of origin among the visitors were: United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, the US and Spain.