Engaged agile collaborator...

Petra Štogrová Jedličková

…were the indecent words in my younger years. Nowadays it is, surprisingly, a part of the great ideological pressures and purges – but this time we are talking about large corporations. Instead of secret agents, confidants and politruks we are looking for agile coaches, tribe leaders and squat managers.  The established working procedures are changing, at least according to the names of professions. What works well in small startups is now being organized in multinational centuries-old corporations. But what worked well in multinational centuries-old corporations is not being transferred anywhere. It is being destroyed. Many people, due to agility, are unemployed and, on the other hand, lots of positions - strangely called - will remain unoccupied. They say there are no people. Well…there are. It is just necessary to see the labor market in context. After all, the topic of searching and developing people in companies is absolutely unquestionably the topic # 1 of our clients and companies with whom we discuss their problems. It seems to me that it will paradoxically benefit from this agility someone else rather than the one who so actively promotes it...