Welcome to Cybersecurity Watch

Raj Chaudhary
| 9/21/2015

Our cybersecurity team is frequently asked by the media, professional organizations, and our clients – as well as our family and friends – about the many cybersecurity-related topics the media reports on, and the number-one question is “What does this mean to me?” We plan to use this blog to help demystify security and privacy issues by sharing our collective experience, knowledge, and opinions on these matters. We will bring you practical advice and information based on our extensive real-world experience.

In this blog, we will explore cybersecurity issues important to your organization, and we aim to share practical information that your organization can use as well as risk-based strategies that you might adopt. Early posts will cover general cybersecurity risk management, payment card security, penetration testing, security frameworks, and regulatory mandates.

Future posts will focus on trends such as the Internet of Things, pragmatic responses to common cybersecurity issues, and free-form opinions about topics on the minds of our team members, including third-party risk, data privacy, business continuity management, mobile security, and security forensics.

But we don’t intend for this blog to be just a one-way communication. Rather, we welcome a dialogue with those who want to ask questions or challenge our rationale – for we know there is no silver bullet that can solve all the problems and complexities of information security and privacy. We invite you to contribute your thoughts by commenting on this or any post. You can also write to me directly.